Quinta Marugo Pagoda

About us

In 2014 begins the story that takes us on a journey to making our dream a reality

Our mission

To offer a complete reset for body, mind and spirit, to enable you to lead a more meaningful and fulfilled life, through an inside out transformation.

Through offering retreats in this piece of exclusive and secluded paradise, we aim to help people connect with their vision, purpose, and inner resources to make a difference in their environment. Be that as leaders in corporations, society and/or families.

At Quinta Marugo, we believe we can all make a difference to bring more peace, calm and connection to this world.

sitting under the night sky at Quinta Marugo, foto by Alicia Port

The Animals

If you are up for it, our animals will give you unconditional, loving company and bring a smile to your face..

If you love dogs, Pino and Caravaggio will happily accompany you on your walks, while sitting in the middle of the pine forest or in front of the lake.  
If you are a cat lover, Columbi, Gaia and Clara will make sure you are happy petting them or watching them play. 
The cute donkeys, Iris, Camelia and Rosa will charm you and bring a smile to your face as you watch them run around and come up to you with their big loving eyes and twitching ears, looking for food. 
Our horses Domino and Luigi will improve your Heart Rate Variability (HRV), giving you a sense of peace and tranquillity as you watch their majestic shapes from a distance or approach them.
Both Domino and Luigi will accompany you during our equine assisted leadership retreats.

The chickens’ antics will provide you with hours of entertainment as they peck the ground and you can feel grateful for their amazing eggs.

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The positive energy you take with you from Marugo will have an inspiring impact...