Quinta Marugo's house and swimming pond

Facilities & Food

The Pagoda

Quinta Marugo’s magical pavilion, a 70 m2 oasis, was designed to offer tranquility and a deep sense of awe with its stunning panoramic views. Practicing mindfulness, yoga, Qigong, sharing circles or simply sitting alone and enjoying the view of endless rolling hills or of the rising full moon, will leave you with a profound feeling of peace, clarity and connection to what matters to you.

Meditation cushions set  in the pagoda at Quinta Marugo

Lounge Spaces

Enjoy our elegant and comfortable living areas, giving yourself the pleasure of spending time on a cozy sofa reading a good book or having conversations with your fellow retreat participants/guests.

As in all the common areas, we invite you to leave your shoes and worries outside and practice barefoot comfort and luxury inside, feeling the warmth and softness of our carpets and the comfort of feet free to feel the ground.

Lounge Spaces at Quinta Marugo


Elegant, cozy and comfortable accommodations with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The elevated position of Quinta Marugo showcases the breath-taking scenery, while private courtyards provide a calming space to enjoy moments of peace and quiet.

View bedrooms
Quinta Marugo king size bedroom


It is scientifically proven that reading has a wonderful impact on our brains, increases longevity, and improves mental health. We offer our guests an eclectic library with books on a wide variety of topics such as sustainable farming, natural building, mindfulness, compassion, psychology, poetry and entertaining novels. 

“A reader lives a thousand lives before s/he dies . . . The wo/man who never reads lives only one.”
by George R.R. Martin
Library at Quinta Marugo

Massage Room

We offer deep tissue massages, craniosacral therapy as well as relaxing and energising massages upon request.
Through relaxing massages, you can relax, increase body awareness, and create a balance of health and wellness, therefore helping you to counteract the pressure of your daily life.

Massage room at Quinta Marugo

Swimming Pond

It feels like you are swimming in silk…”
Swimming in the chemical-free and living water of our pond not only feels like silk but also has proven health and wellness benefits, leaving you feeling energised and renewed. Our beautiful swimming pond, where aquatic plants naturally cleanse the water, will leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated and chlorine-free.

Swimming Pond at Quinta Marugo


Sunset point, Turtle lake, Carp Lake, Mimosa Island, Full moon clearing, Alto dos Sobreiros and other landmarks.

Quinta Marugo’s 74 acres offer a multitude of quiet corners to help you pause and experience a renewed connection with yourself and nature. In all these spots you can enjoy peace and tranquillity. With absolutely no light or noise pollution (except sometimes the dogs barking), you can escape the stress caused by digital and environmental noise.

Quinta Marugo land, bird's eye view

The Arena

It is an outdoor area of about 300 m2 with a central fire pit for fire ceremonies, full moon ceremonies, dance and horse assisted activities. For fire ceremonies, a heads up that they are more difficult during the summer months due to fire prevention policies, but for small groups, we can arrange something near the natural pond area.

The Arena - Quinta Marugo

Vegetable Gardens

We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering healthy and nutritious food, and invite you to visit our five bountiful organic vegetable gardens. Walk around and see where your food is planted and grows, and help us to sow and harvest. It is satisfying to know what you are putting into your body and where it comes from. 

vegetables at Quinta Marugo

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